My priorities for our city

Community Outreach


This is our community and we need to work together. Working with the city’s new Communication Coordinator I will work hard to find better ways to get information to you.

New tools have been created to make interaction with the city easier. There is a Layton City App that you can use to pay bills online and see the event calendar for our city. A new informative electronic sign was erected at the corner of Hill Field and 2200 West.

I want to place an electronic sign in the lobby of the Layton City Office building. Upcoming events and information will be featured along videos of community activities.

The Layton Mayor is considered a part time position. I commit to being more present in the office than past mayors have been. My office will be open to you, come discuss your concerns with me as I will work in this position full time. 

I want to arrange times for residents to address the mayor and council besides during the “Citizen Comments” portion of council meeting. This will be a more relaxed setting and less intimidating. 



Layton is approximately 78% built out. The existing housing is 72% single family homes and 21% multifamily housing. The future growth must focus on detailed and well-planned development. 

Let’s focus on creating neighborhoods were residents can walk to amenities and recreation opportunities.

Let’s focus on high quality materials and designs.

Let’s focus on the redevelopment of the Old Downtown area. I voted for the use of the city’s Redevelopment Agency (RDA) money to be used to help relocate long established businesses such as Randall Oil and Bill’s Comfort Systems. This opens the way for revitalizing the area across from the Frontrunner Station

Let’s focus on the Layton Mall and create a gathering place for our community.

Let’s focus on finding appropriate places for commercial development on the West Side, bringing desired services to the area and keeping sales tax dollars in our community.



In the past few years 911 calls have steadily increased. I advocated and voted to add fire and police positions to keep our level of service high. 

I supported the Police Chief when he created a Master Officer Program to help retain well trained personal.

The city’s Fire Department recently received a 2 rating from the Insurance Services Office (ISO). Only 3% of the country’s Fire Departments have received this rating or better. This can translate to lower home insurance rates.

I will continue to support new equipment and innovations in technology that make our community safer and keep our first responders safe too.

Firsthand experience helps me understand the value of our first responders. I have ridden along with patrol officers and last year participated in the Ice Rescue Training with the Fire Department.



  • I responded to residents desire to have a Splash Pad, I worked with the Parks & Recreation Department to make it a reality. 
  • Residents requested more Pickleball courts and more have been provided with new ones at Chapel Street Park. Indoor courts are available 3 nights a week in the Shoreline Jr. High gym. The gym is jointly owned by the Davis School District and Layton City.
  • Other recreation amenities that I have championed include; The Vietnam Wall Memorial, the Joseph Hill Cabin being preserved, the Andy Adams Urban Fishery where you can fish or kayak, and also a remodel of the plaza by the Ed Kenley Amphitheater. I suggested that the new restroom be heated so it can be used in the winter.
  • I look forward to working on other new ideas and possibilities you are interested in.



  • Maintaining our roads isn’t cheap. In 2018, 69+ miles of roads where treated or repaired at a cost of over $3 million. 
  • Recently engineer students from USU completed a comprehensive study of all the city roads. This study will be used to decide how to maintain roads to get as much life out of them as possible.
  • Are you enjoying the new Midtown Crossing overpass that connects the mall area to Kohls? I will work to obtain more state highway funds for Layton projects.
  • Having a Frontrunner Station in Layton is wonderful but I recognize the need for expanding the parking options and adding more mass transit routes to move people to the station. A start is the free Trolley Shuttle that runs between the Layton and Clearfield stations. 



  • The property tax and sales tax dollars that make up the majority of city revenues come from your hard earned income. 
  • I pledge to always remember where the money comes from and account for it wisely. 
  • Just like your personal budget there are always more wants than money to go around. 
  • I make budget decisions after hours of resources including, budget meetings, hours studying the proposed budget, and listening to residents input before I vote to approve it.